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The Chinue X project About Me

My background

Who am I

I am a product of Oakland, California, born and raised. I am also a product to the Oakland Public School System As a native of Oakland, California, and a product of the Oakland Unified School District's (OUSD) educational system and a mother of children who were students of that system, I am aware of the strengths and weaknesses of this system. As a native of the OUSD system, I remember reading about American history and the building of it, and how rarely were there images of Africans or African Americans shown.

When it came to images and role models of people with the same complexion, the same hair texture, the same thick lips, the same broad nose, as my family, my friends and myself, there were many images of people of African descent with these features that were considered to be savages, primitives, and uncivilized. The rare few  I did observe and appreciate were of : Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, George Washington Carver, and Dr. Martin Luther King., Jr.

I remember often wondering as a child, " Were there only a handful of people with the same features as me that made significant contributions to society?"

Having this mental dilemma at such an early and impressionable age, could and would have a lasting impact on my self-identity, my self-worth, and where I would fit in society - Where would I receive education that paced my heritage and culture at the center of my education. Where would African Americans be viewed as subjects and not as objects in worldview, as contributors and not victims.


My name is Cynthia Chinue X Cornelius, CEO and Founder of The Chinue X Project, Inc. I created the project as a conduit for my personal growth which will allow me to truly appreciate and embraces my African ancestry.

Chinue X is the name that I have given myself in honor to my African Ancestry. Chinue means "God's Own Blessing" from the Yoruba People. My personal goal is to one day find out my true Ancestry and the visit the Motherland. Until then I will continue to use this project as my way of connecting myself and others to their  Motherlands  and their African heritage and culture.

I would love you to join me on my journey of discovery and hope, like me, that it will inspire you and your family.

Chinue X