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The Chinue X project

The Chinue X Project’s  Afrocentric Children and Youth  SSP is a program  designed to bring education and awareness of African and African American history to children,teenagers and young adults.  Of ages between 5 to 18.

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Empower our Children - Empower our Nation
THE CHINUE X PROJECT -a lifetime to benefit

Our  web site is our Hub, here you can find out what we are all about…  Our Social Media is where you can see our development, our latest news, images and videos and where you can contribute to our Vision and Mission in an environment comfortable and familiar to you.

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Here we will keep to posted on where and when we will be running our up and coming Programs, we will also show information on  future exhibitions and events relating to Chinue X activities

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When we provide education that centers our children with their heritage and culture, we empower the child with a sense of belonging, a sense of pride and a sense of respect. When they have images that represent them  in the world, who have contributed to world and human civilization, they gain a sense of "I Can".

We are continually adding to our video library. Videos to inspire, videos to inform, videos to motivate…

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