About Us

The Chinue X Project, Inc., is an African, African-American, and Black-Centered Online Educational Resource created by Cynthia D. Cornelius. It has been created as a personal and educational platform for those that seek Afrocentricity in their existence – to be centered and grounded in African culture, heritage, and history.

As CEO and Founder, a native of Oakland, California, a recipient of a Bachelor’s in Africana Studies, and a Master’s in Equity and Social Justice in Education from San Francisco State University, I realized at an early age that my “AfricanNess” was not being represented in an equitable and justified manner through my educational instruction. As a witness to the disparities of the Oakland community,  the activism of the Black Panther Party movement and the unrest over the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the busing in 1971, I recognized early on that Africans in America were at a considerable disadvantage, mentally, economically, socially and educationally.

Team of The Chinue X Project, Inc.

ESO Incubator Fall 2020 Cohort

When I first started this cohort in September, five months post stroke, I wasn’t sure of what to expecWhat I did know was it was long overdue to take TCXPI to the next level. So I committed to the challenge. It has been a rewarding and welcoming experience to have been a part of this initiative! As the founder of the TCXPI – The Chinue X Project, Inc. – An AERS, I say thank you to All who made it possible for Oakland entrepreneurs to realize their dreams/passions and move to the next level of their business’ SUCCESS! Thank you ESO Incubator Fall 2020 Cohort. 


Chinue X Cynthia Cornelius