It Is Written In Stone

TCXPI Presents It Is Written In Stone – Our True Black History

TCXPI It Is Written In Stone is created to bring awareness to the African Contributions to World and Human Civilization beginning in Ancient Kemet.(Egypt)

It is said that Africans/Blacks are the First people of earth. 

When we think of Egypt, we think of the beginning of time. We think of the beginning of world and human civilization. We think of Ancient African civilization.

Research shows that Egyptians were people of North Africa, of Nubia and Kush. 

Apparently, the impression given by some Western scholars that the African continent made little or no contributions to civilization, and that its people are naturally primitive has, unfortunately, become the basis of racial prejudice and negative perception directed against all people of African origin. 

TCXPI will use the month of February to celebrate and honor Ancient African civilization and the ANKHcestors who contributed to World and Human civilization. 


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