TCXPI Turns 10!

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TCXPI Turns 10!

Thank you to All My TCXPI Supporters!

When I started TCXPI – The Chinue X Project, Inc. – An AERS, October 19, 2011, I started it as an online educational resource service to share Our Story, the richness of the African’s contributions globally!

My mission as stated on my Articles of Incorporation was
“to be a conduit for African American contemporary enlightenment.”

I had a lot of dreams and goals then and now!

Fast forward to 2021! We are still sharing online and also in the Oakland, CA community!

Thanks to ESO Incubator Fall 2020 Cohort and other opportunities, I have re-ignited my passion!

Join us as we celebrate our 10-years as a 501(c)3 non profit and as a conduit!

Stay Tuned!