This Day in History: 2017-12-17

Our Story:

This page is created by Cynthia Cornelius and The Chinue X Project, Inc. (TCXPI) in Honor of, Respect to, and Tribute to Our African, African-American, and Black Ancestors both Sung and Un Sung who have in someway contributed to World and Human Civilization.

We Must Never Forget their many contributions – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, which has brought us to where we are TODAY.

As we continue to struggle for Equity and Social Justice in a Society full of Hate and Racism, we must FOREVER Recognize, 24/7/365, Our Own Who Died In This War Of Inequality, Disparity, and Injustice! Their Courage, Fearlessness, Self-Determination, and Resilience will Never Be Forgotten.

We Must Re Member, Re Claim, Re Construct, and Re Educate OUR STORY!

Cynthia Cornelius, TCXPI Founder